Also known as Valravn the Admired
Level 120 Draenei Priest
Achievement points:
out of 32265
Honorable kills:
Alchemy Alchemy(300 out of 300) Kul Tiran Alchemy Kul Tiran Alchemy(175 out of 150) Legion Alchemy Legion Alchemy(78 out of 100) Draenor Alchemy Draenor Alchemy(100 out of 100) Pandaria Alchemy Pandaria Alchemy(75 out of 75) Cataclysm Alchemy Cataclysm Alchemy(75 out of 75) Northrend Alchemy Northrend Alchemy(75 out of 75) Outland Alchemy Outland Alchemy(75 out of 75) Kul Tiran Jewelcrafting Kul Tiran Jewelcrafting(185 out of 150) Legion Jewelcrafting Legion Jewelcrafting(110 out of 100) Draenor Jewelcrafting Draenor Jewelcrafting(110 out of 100) Pandaria Jewelcrafting Pandaria Jewelcrafting(85 out of 75) Cataclysm Jewelcrafting Cataclysm Jewelcrafting(85 out of 75) Northrend Jewelcrafting Northrend Jewelcrafting(85 out of 75) Outland Jewelcrafting Outland Jewelcrafting(85 out of 75) Jewelcrafting Jewelcrafting(310 out of 300)
Kul Tiran Fishing Kul Tiran Fishing(152 out of 150) Archaeology Archaeology(861 out of 950) Legion Fishing Legion Fishing(100 out of 100) Draenor Fishing Draenor Fishing(100 out of 100) Pandaria Fishing Pandaria Fishing(75 out of 75) Cataclysm Fishing Cataclysm Fishing(75 out of 75) Northrend Fishing Northrend Fishing(75 out of 75) Outland Fishing Outland Fishing(75 out of 75) Cooking Cooking(300 out of 300) Fishing Fishing(300 out of 300) Kul Tiran Cooking Kul Tiran Cooking(175 out of 150) Legion Cooking Legion Cooking(79 out of 100) Draenor Cooking Draenor Cooking(100 out of 100) Pandaria Cooking Pandaria Cooking(75 out of 75) Cataclysm Cooking Cataclysm Cooking(75 out of 75) Northrend Cooking Northrend Cooking(75 out of 75) Outland Cooking Outland Cooking(75 out of 75)
Artifact Weapon: