Sandbox Tigers

Sandbox Tigers is an Alliance Guild on Magtheridon EU.

We are helpful, family friendly and stress free Gamers who remember that WOW is a game – so we have fun! With experienced and new players we offer a great place to hang with friends. We organise events for those who want to join in, spontaneous events also occur, there’s usually someone ready to join with you to accomplish something with advice or practical assistance.

With Sandbox Tigers you can do as much or as little as you want as often as you want!, A simple set of common-sense rules and guidelines drive us forward and keep us going… We recruit any polite, helpful and friendly peeps of all skill levels, just ask any Sandbox Tiger member for an invite!

New website design

After several years of having the same design, I finally found time to re-build the website, all new look and up to date technology and security. If anyone has any suggestions for additions or improvements to the site, let me know! ๐Ÿ™‚

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PC Builds, a Tech Guide for WOW Players

There have been several enquiries concerning upgrades to PCs while playing WOW recently; from guild members, so I have hunted down the best explanations/guides in to the features which affect the game the most. The following link will provide a great overview of the...

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Get your classic WOW GUI back ๐Ÿ™‚

After that abominal new GUI came with the lastest pre-patch for Battle for Azeroth, I searched around for some way to return the standard layout for the button bars etc. Bartender 4 was a good start, but I've now found "OdiousRetroUI" Which fixes things as close as I...

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Patch 7.3 August 30th (EU), so how to prepare?

Information from Wowhead Save Comparable ilvl relics for the Netherlight Crucible The Netherlight Crucible is a new feature in patch 7.3 that allows you to further empower your artifact relics. Each relic that you drop has a random tree of traits that you can choose...

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  • Patch 8.2 PTR - Build 30827: Release Candidate 15th June 2019
    Patch 8.2 PTR - Build 30827: Release Candidate A new build is on the way to the PTR! Classic Stress Test on Launcher Clarification Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums) Earlier today, we made the stress test install appear on the game screen of the launcher for all players who have […]
  • Level Squish Survey, Summer Cup #1, Diablo Sale 14th June 2019
    Level Squish Survey Reddit user Nivens reported that they received an interesting survey from Blizzard regarding an upcoming level squish. The wording of this survey makes it seem that a level squish is already slated to happen sometime in the future. This has not been confirmed by Blizzard. During a previous Battle for Azeroth Q&A […]
  • WoW Classic Beta Alterac Valley Test Info 12th June 2019
    WoW Classic Beta Alterac Valley Test Info Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums) On Friday, June 14 at 2:00 p.m. PDT, weโ€™ll open a new realm in the WoW Classic Beta for dedicated testing of Alterac Valley. When beta testers log into the WoW Classic Beta at that time, please look for […]
  • Patch 8.2 PTR - Build 30774 12th June 2019
    Patch 8.2 PTR - Build 30774 Build 30774 will be deployed to the PTR realms soon. tbody>tr"> Level Type Name 404Other Gem Subroutine: Overclock 415Other Gem Cyclotronic Blast 415Other Gem Harmonic Dematerializer 404Other Gem Neural Autonomy 404Other Gem Remote Circuit Bypasser 404Other Gem Metal Detector 404Other Gem Slipstream Generator 404Other Gem Supplemental Oxygenation Device 404Other […]
  • An Update on the Future of MMO-Champion 11th June 2019
    An Update on the Future of MMO-Champion Weโ€™re excited to welcome MMO-Champion to the Magic Find family and are excited to work together! We're a small independent team of people who worked on gaming websites in the past (including MMO-Champion) and are teaming up to build up new communities together. Over the next few months […]