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What isn’t going away in 7.3

  • Ahead of the Curve: Kil’jaeden/ Cutting Edge: Kil’jaeden
    • The achievements for defeating Kil’jaeden, in Heroic and Mythic difficulty respectively, will still be obtainable come the patch. It will only go away in a future patch, when Antorus, the Burning Throne opens.
  • Mage Tower Challenges
    • The challenges from the Mage Tower will stay untouched coe 7.3. If all, they are just getting easier, with the introduction of the Netherlight Crucible and the new craftable pieces, allowing players to get access to more gear and power which can make the challenge easier.
    • It is important to note the the requirements to unlock the different tints of the challenge appearance are changing in 7.3. Starting on the patch, you will only need to complete the requirements after you unlocked the appearance, meaning you can complete the requirements for the additional tints on any specialization, whereas today you must do it with that specific weapon.
  • Broken Isles Invasions
    • As talked about earlier this month in a Q&A, invasions on the Broken Isles are staying active as they are right now in 7.3. That’s important because they are part of the Legionfall Campaign required to unlock the class-specific mounts.

What is going away in 7.3

  • 3rd Relic Unlock Requirement
    • As mentioned in a Q&A, the 3rd relic slot will be automatically unlocked for all characters starting in 7.3, not requiring to progress in the Order Hall Campaign to unlock it. It is important to remember that completing said campaign is still needed in order to get the class-specific mount.
  • Empowering your artifact
    • As mentioned in a Q&A, all artifact will be automatically empowered in 7.3, not requiring to reach Artifact Knowledge 26 and to complete the Broken Shore Introduction Quests to empower them anymore.
  • Researchable Artifact Knowledge
    • As mentioned in a Q&A, starting in 7.3, Artifact Knowledge will be a global modifier to all level 110 players which means there is no need to research any of the new levels of Artifact Knowledge that will be available with the patch or send catch up items to alts anymore. When 7.3 launches, everyone will be at Artifact Knowledge 41, increasing by 1 with every weekly reset, up to 55.
  • Don’t save up Nethershards